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Novro Studios is a professional production company located in Shavertown PA.  Audible or visual; the best place to make your ideas come to life.

Sarah and Eric Novroski of Novro Studios


Novro Studios is a place where you can make your audio and video visions a reality. The professionalism is unmatched, the environment is relaxed and personable. Which helps to bring out the best in all involved. Time spent at Novro Studios is time well spent.

Escape Artist

When I set out to make Physical Architecture, I spent years thinking about who the best mix engineer and creative partner might be. My dream was to find a person who was overflowing with the good stuff – energy, enthusiasm, passion, patience, creativity; and who had the absolute best skills to match. When I met Eric, this dream came true. He is a true pro in every sense, and he was the perfect (and frankly, only) counterpart that could have made me happy with this record. He was flexible and patient, sharply focused, and knew how to bring out my best sounds and performances. My work with Eric at Novro Studios was simply the most professionally and creatively satisfying work I’ve done in my life, and it’s due to Eric’s undeniable passion and exceptional skills.

Dante Frisiello
Fly in Formation

Novro Studios delivers an impressive and professional experience at a reasonable price. They were extremely patient and professional to work with. Their team helped us bring our ideas to life.

Cruel Bomb

If you are looking for high quality production to either your music and/or video, Novro Studios is the place. From a relaxing, cozy studio environment to their hard work and dedication to making sure your art is created beyond your satisfaction. Eric and Sarah work alongside you as producers who want the best for you. They are not people who want to get you in and out with a cheap product. Highly recommend Novro Studios for your upcoming recording sessions & video shoot. You will not be disappointed.

Traverse The Abyss


What’s new for 2022?

There is so much happening here! Take a look at what we’ve got planned for 2022! New LogoNew WebsiteNew Building

New Shirts

We got some sweet shirts sporting our new logo! If you would still like to support, shirts are running out quick! Reach out to place your order. Sizes: (S-3XL)Price: $25 + shipping (local delivery/ pick up available)

New Website is Live!

We are very excited to reveal the new Novro Studios website! With the new website also comes a brand new logo. Many changes are coming to the studio in the future and this is just the beginning. Big thanks to […]